Glencoe Swale is an intermittent tributary of McKay Creek. From its confluence with McKay Creek, it extends north- northeasterly to it headwaters near NW 253rd Avenue. The streamshed encompasses about 2, 172 acres, most of which are located within the City of Hillsboro.

Glencoe Swale is typically drier in the summer and flows during the wet season (November to June). However, some pockets of standing water are possible along the stream year-round. A pond near Glencoe High School holds water year-round.

The National Wetland Inventory lists Glencoe Swale as palustrine, emergent, seasonally flooded, and excavated (USFWS, 1992). It consists of three reaches and one tributary, each with differing environmental characteristics.

The lowest reach- located east of the confluence of Glencoe Swale with McKay Creek contains high quality wetlands…(the next reach) located north of NE Harewood Street extending…to NE 15th Avenue, contains moderate quality wetlands.

The upper reach…has been channelized, was found to be locally non-significant. The riparian upland wildlife habitat for (the tributary) is high quality (Tualatin Basin ESEE, page 4- 3220.)

This sub-watershed of McKay Creek is represented by the Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC). The Council is not a regulatory or enforcement agency; it is interested in promoting collaborative, informed problem- solving and decision- making when it comes to managing the Tualatin River Watershed.


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