May 2016 – Glencoe Swale Chronicle

May Meeting

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Pollinators in all shapes and sizes  are active as they fly, hop, and crawl from blossom to blossom. Without the diligent work provided by some insects, birds, and mammals… somewhere between 75% and 95% of all flowering plants on earth would be unable to produce seeds, fruits, and the next generation of plants.

Bob Falconer, Oregon State Master Gardener and Community Outreach Manager for GROW, was the guest speaker at our May 12th Friends of Glencoe Swale Meeting. He provided information and time for reflection about: the importance of all pollinators, reasons for pollinator populations decline, pollinator habitat, examples of bee friendly flowers, and the importance of year-round timing of planting for pollinators.

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Storm Drain Marking- update


Clean Water Services  provided the materials for us to participate in this fun activity… a perfect community outreach project!

FrOGS members created kits that include: map, drain markers, glue, and instructions. These kits are ready to put into action!

Good weather forecasts will add to the fun in completing this important activity. Friends of Glencoe Swale crew formation is getting under way.

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If you would like to help with this project, let us know by completing the following contact form:

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