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The Oregon Risk MAP website is a FEMA-sponsored resource intended to provide information about FEMA’s various activities in Oregon, including floodplain and mapping issues, project status, and links to other agency partners for audiences interested in all aspects of natural hazards. While still under development and evolving, this website currently is focused on:

  • A description of Risk MAP and our plan on how it will evolve in Oregon
  • An overview of mapping projects by county
  • Preliminary information for new projects
  • Information downloads, including files for Google Earth (KML)and Flood Insurance Studies
  • A calendar of events and a blog-type forum

Risk MAP Summary

FEMA’s Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, and Planning) is a 5-year initiative that builds on the recently completed Map Modernization program that updated and put in digital format much of the State’s floodplain maps. Risk MAP has a broader and more holistic approach than Map Modernization, emphasizing not just the delivery of accurate maps but working with communities to understand the causes of flooding and help with mitigation strategies. Risk MAP is characterized by a full alignment of FEMA’s programs – from discovering local needs, mapping with better base data, working with community representatives in assessing risk and vulnerability – with planning and mitigation considerations throughout.

Cut from source: May 1, 2017


Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP)