January 2016- Who are we?

 Glencoe Swale

Neighborhoods in the northeast area of Hillsboro, Oregon are in a unique setting. They are located on Glencoe Swale, a small wetland nestled inside city limits. The riparian zone is lined by a dozen-or-so suburban sub-divisions, several schools, small and large businesses, as well as an airport.

A vast number non-human residents also call this neighborhood “home.” Along the swale, flora and fauna are associated with several habitats: wetland, forest, field, and suburban landscapes. (Discover wildlife guides that are currently being developed at the bottom of our website.)

This area is an ecological gem. Ensuring its ability to sustain the wildlife dependent on it for food, water, shelter, and a place to raise their young is vital.

Friends of Glencoe Swale (FrOGS)

Friends of Glencoe Swale, focuses to:

  •  inspire local involvement,
  •  build a stewardship team,
  •  educate the public about Swale-related topics and issues,
  •  provide ideas for improving wetland well-being.

Meetings and activities provide a:

  • forum for conversation/discussion about local ecological/environmental concerns, and
  • platform to plan/implement/monitor conservation actions at home and in the community..

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