Glencoe Swale LOMR: Final Update

City of Hillsboro FEMA Floodplain Manager, Sarah Bruce, recently sent this email and invited recipients to, “please feel free to share it with your neighbors.”

The Glencoe Swale Letter of Map Revision (attached) is now categorized as “effective” on the FEMA website (i.e., it is final/approved). We are proceeding with steps to integrate this FEMA flood map change in City mapping. To do so, there will be Zone Change, which will involve a May 2019 mailing to City residents in the vicinity, a June public hearing (date to be noted in the mailing), and adoption by City Council.  I’m afraid that the public hearing is somewhat perfunctory; the City Zone Change has no bearing on flood insurance.

Now that this is approved, it’s a good time to reach out to your insurance company to determine how the LOMR affects your premiums if you have not already. I’m sorry that the flood map improvements do not help everyone.  I recommend keeping a copy of the attached Letter from FEMA for your records.  The FEMA Map Service Center address search reflects the new boundaries if anyone needs to verify them.

Sarah Bruce

In the spirit of Friends of Glencoe Swale’s “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” slogan, this information is shared as good news for 40 homeowners within the Letter of Map Revision’s boundaries. Sadly, approximately 5 homeowners are still faced with the reality of remaining within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). In addition to the City of Hillsboro Floodplain Manager, resource people who can potentially assist with answering questions for those who remain in the SFHA include:

  • Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development/ National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator, Celinda Adair, CFM
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region X Director, Mark Carey

    Glencoe Swale Letter of Map Revision

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