Yes! It does happen here…

80% of plastic trash in the ocean came from dry land…

Just like these plastic items that entered our small watershed, Glencoe Swale. I suspect some were innocently floated down the storm water drain by children playing on the street nearby. Others probably fell out of a nearby neighbor’s trash can and entered via wind or storm water drain.

No Matter, the fact remains…

These plastics entered water from dry land, and there is a chance that some portion of the plastics that enter the stream system here could find their way to the Pacific Ocean.

If you are a bit skeptical… try to recall the childhood story favorite, “Paddle to the Sea.” Several years ago the story maps were translated onto Google Maps and were honored as map of the week. You may argue that the canoe in the story was carved from wood, and I will counter-argue to consider the copyright date of 1941. Plastics did not begin to prevail into the environment until the late 1950’s. What are kid’s toy boats made from in today’s world? Plastic, and, the point is made. If a child launched a plastic toy canoe from inland, that little vessel could navigate   to an ocean.
A closer look at the Glencoe Swale plastics assortment reveals two plastics that could be attracted by an ocean-bound journey. Frisbee? Crab gauge? 

Sadly,the truth is, plastics in the ocean are at a critically dangerous level now and are expected to only get worse.

The time has come. We all must take  steps to reduce the plastics load in our global oceans.

How will you help?

Friends of Glencoe Swale is gearing up to continue marking local storm drains. Our local water management organization, Clean Water Services, provides a fun program. Citizens, like us, provide the volunteers to get the word out… on the storm drains, that is!



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