Friends of Trees

Big green space planting event – Jackson Woods Nature Preserve

Lots of people were busy… planting trees. Together… on Saturday, March 23,2019.

That’s what volunteers do when Friends of Trees organizes everything… from plants, to snacks, to tools, to learning about native trees and shrubs. Over 100 volunteers came throughout the day, 1100 plants were planted, and 3 cubic yards of ivy were pulled!

Please watch the following video to enjoy photos of volunteers as they participated in this fun experience. Jackson Woods Nature Preserve is a forested area near down town Hillsboro.

Music- Billy B., What is a Tree?, from his album Billy B Sings About Trees

Here are answers to questions that may have crossed your mind as you watched the video:

Q. How did people know where to plant?

A. Sticks with different colored ribbons were stacked in four planting areas before the day of the event. Each ribbon color was a code for the type of plant  and how many that would go in holes dug at that spot. Once the plants were in place, ribbon sticks were collected… ready for another event!

Q. What native plants did volunteers plant?

A. This is the list of plant species and how many of each were planted (click on names to learn more):

Q. Did volunteers do more than plant trees?

A. Yes! Did you notice photos with people pulling ivy from trees and the forest floor? That is what folks did once all the plants were in the ground. English Ivy is very harmful to trees and a healthy forest habitat. Ivy chokes trees and competes with native ground-covering plants. Not good for forests!

Q. What can you do to protect the new plants?

A. Travel on main trails if you are walking or riding a bike through the forest to avoid trampling the new plants. They are little now, and will grow big and healthy if forest-goers are careful. Keep dogs on trails, too. And, certainly pick up after your pet… take poop bags home for disposal, please.

Q. How do I learn more about Friends of Trees?

A. Click on this link-

Click on image to view brochure:


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