March Open-houses Highlight Projects

Changes on the way for Glencoe Swale/ Creek

Our water shed is a hot topic these days. It is located in the midst of urban development and airport expansion. The stream, that flows from its headwaters near Genentech to its confluence with McKay Creek near Padgett Road, has two names: Glencoe Swale and Glencoe Creek. Which name you hear depends on who is referring to it.

March 2, 2019 Glencoe Creek Restoration Project Open House

Weather and location couldn’t have been better.


Dozens of people came out to view informative displays, collect helpful resource materials, and listen to presentations from several organizations who are coordinating efforts for the Glencoe Creek Restoration Project.


Short presentations introduced homeowners who live along Glencoe Creek to the people behind the Restoration Project. Representatives from Clean Water Services, Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, and Friends of Trees shared overviews of their roles in the project and answered questions.

Most of the on-the-ground activity will take place between 2019 and 2022. Site preparation, including invasive plant removal, will take about two years. The site will then be ready for revegetation with carefully chosen native trees, shrubs and wetland plants, followed by long-term monitoring and maintenance. Partners aim to:

  • Enhance wildlife habitat by planting native trees and shrubs
  • Filter storm-water runoff before it reaches the creek
  • Create shade to keep water cool, thus improving water quality and saving ratepayer dollars
  • Offer opportunities for residents to help with the restoration effort and deepen their connections with the creek

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March 14, 2019 Port of Portland Hillsboro Airport Open House

Public Information Meeting Hillsboro Airport Environmental Assessment

The Port of Portland is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to make the runway safety area at the northern end of Hillsboro Airport’s main runway (13R) comply with current airfield design standards. A runway safety area is a required designated area that provides extra space at the end of a runway in the event of an unexpected emergency during takeoff or landing.

People who attended this public open house learned about the proposed changes to the runway and the runway safety area.

In this presentation, Glencoe Swale gained the nickname “rut.” A portion of the stream flows through a surface that will need to be corrected in order to meet FAA design standards. The favored solution, Alternative Five, would convey Glencoe Swale underground through a culvert parallel to the end of the northern part of the runway 13R.


Use the link below to locate more information and project updates.

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Hillsboro Airport Runway Safety Area Improvements-  ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT

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