Along the Swale: February 2019

February 11, 2019

Weather: Light rain/mostly cloudy, 37/45F

Canada Geese begin to arrive on Glencoe Swale. Right on time for mating season that runs from February to early April. These geese were likely born here… geese return to the area of their birth each year to mate. Canada geese mate for life, stay together throughout the year, and will only find a new mate if dies.

February 19, 2019

Weather: Mostly cloudy, 37/45F

Belted Kingfisher is seen sporadically in the vicinity between Shannon Street and Glencoe High School. Although they are seen perched on branches… they do not sit for long and are difficult to capture in photos! That was the case today, a photo from archives is included for reference. It is easy to tell when a Belted Kingfisher is in the area… its loud, distinctive, mechanical rattle-like call readily gives it away.

February 25. 2019

Weather: light snow, 32/26F


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