Glencoe Swale LOMR updated

Foundations for LOMR


  • Floodplain boundary problems were first noticed shortly after November 2016 when the City of Hillsboro adopted a new Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).
  • The new FIRM dramatically expanded the special flood hazard area. By comparison, more homes in the Glencoe Swale watershed adversely changed flood zone status than any other watershed area in Hillsboro.
  • FIRM created substantial flood insurance changes for approximately forty-five homes along Glencoe Swale watershed east of Glencoe Road.
    • Homes that weren’t required to carry flood insurance prior to the 2016 FIRM were required to purchase policies
    • Homes that were carrying flood insurance faced potentially exorbitant rate increases

Response to Floodplain Problems

  • Friends of Glencoe Swale dedicated steady focus on the problem for over two years
  • examined how properties were affected
  • organized and held educational meetings and wrote email/blog updates
  • formed a FIRM team committee whose members diligently researched: NFIP/FEMA policies, hydrology/hydraulics understanding, FEMA-related policy topics, and acquired solid understanding of the problems created by the November 2016  FIRM
  • applied knowledge to open conversations with the City of Hillsboro Public Works and Planning departments
  • Friends of Glencoe Swale FIRM team efforts were worthwhile- The City of Hillsboro recognized that errors were made in data that was submitted to FEMA for the 2016 FIRM
  • A contractor was hired by the City of Hillsboro to restudy the area; errors were found and an application for a  LOMR was submitted to FEMA
  • February 2018, City of Hillsboro hosted Open House to share LOMR project information and answer questions
  • Summer 2018, City of Hillsboro Public Works culvert improvement project at NE Lenox & Lorrie remedied street flooding potential
  • November 2018, mailing by City of Hillsboro Planning Department to residents affected by FIRM; letters informed homeowners of Special Flood Hazard Area status

Letter of Map Revision Status… Next Steps

  • Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) revised by Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) December 10, 2018
  • 80% of homes adversely affected by the 2016 FIRM removed from flood zone (see link below to Glencoe Swale floodplain comparison)
  • Glencoe Swale LOMR Review Time Line active again
  • Final determination expected to occur 120 days after the second notice of publication…in the absence of an appeal by the community.
  • Refer to the following chart


PDF- 2019_LOMR_determination document

Changes to Flood Hazard Determinations- Flood Hazard Determination direct link to FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Understanding a Letter of Map Revision

Changes to Flood Hazard Determinations_DHS

First public notice_oregonian_ dec19_2018

Second public notice_oregonian_ dec26_2018

GlencoeSwale Floodplain Comparison  (Note: the revised map is not official until published by FEMA, see chart)

Appeals from proposed flood elevation determinations (FEMA guidelines)

Be advised of updates as they occur- sign up for eMail subscription at FEMA Map Service Center:

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