Unexpected Raptor – A Bald Eagle Landed

Just Another Nature Enthusiast

This is my wetland front yard; a Douglas Fir stand is near the edge at the opposite side.

It’s not unusual for an occasional Bald Eagle to soar above these trees.

But, when one swoops down and lands... that’s unexpected.

A group of ducks had been paddling around on a small pond of water below the trees. My attention and camera were focused intently on them, when, in a blink… they seemed to vanish.  I wondered, “Why did they scatter so suddenly?” 

As a massive fir branch bounced under the weight of an unexpected arrival… the answer was immediately clear… A Bald Eagle had landed…

My telephoto lens zoomed upward and caught the intent watch of this beautiful young raptor as it settled into a vigilant perching position.

The regal bird remained until it seemed satisfied that no duck was likely to come forward. Without a…

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