Did you know? February 2nd is more than Groundhog Day.

Just Another Nature Enthusiast

Don’t feel bad if you weren’t aware. If you were one of those paying attention to Punxsutawney Phil and awaiting his forecast for an early or late spring… you weren’t alone.

I ask the question for an important reason… to let you know that February 2nd is also World Wetlands Day. In fact, it’s been celebrated annually since 1971. Each year, a different topic is stressed in the form of a theme to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands. The theme for 2019 is “Wetlands and Climate Change.” Why? Because wetlands help to cope and mitigate global warming. They function as a natural and efficient carbon sink.

For example, peatlands- covering only 3% of land mass, absorb and store twice the amount of carbon as all the world’s forest combined, namely 30%. Moreover, wetlands act as a buffer for climate catastrophes that help communities be resilient against the immediate…

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