Hoot, Howl, Holler, Splash

It was a rather noisy week along our section of Glencoe Swale.

Monday- 09/24/18

We were awakened Monday night by the call of a Barred Owl in a nearby tree.


Although the Barred Owl is not technically a songbird, its distinctive “Who cooks for you?” call (see below) functions as a song.


Barred Owls have a distinctive hooting call of 8–9 notes, described as “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?” This call carries well through the woods and is fairly easy to imitate. During courtship, mated pairs perform a riotous duet of cackles, hoots, caws and gurgles.


I took this photo last winter when this Barred Owl roosted for a day in one of our riparian willow trees.

Tuesday- 09/25/18

Tuesday night, the police sirens going down Glencoe Road near the high school upset the coyotes. Very near, on our front acre of wetland, two coyotes replied to the sound of howling police vehicles with their own echoing howls. All was quiet as soon as the sirens faded in the distance.

I took this photo earlier in the year when two coyotes were resting in nearby secluded grassy section of Swale.

Wednesday- 09/26/18

The Belted Kingfisher returned to our section of the wetland recently after a long absence. His distinct holler as he glides above the water hunting is a welcome call in the morning.

Thursday- 09/27/18

I love having the bedroom window open at night and getting awakened by a loud, “S P L A S H !” Great to know the beaver is at work either foraging for food or logging construction materials. The beavers who dwell in Glencoe Swale are rather difficult to capture on camera. At least, that’s been my experience. This photo was taken on a rare occasion when the activity occurred with enough light to get a good photo. By the way, it didn’t take long before my subject gave his signature splash with tail, and disappeared in a glide-away dive.

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10/03/18 Barred Owl call, from woods across wetland at Glencoe High School. Same vicinity as 09/24/18 sighting.

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