Excited about… Bat Chat


There were lots of chats about bats on Nextdoor last week.  A neighbor, who lives nearby, noticed that at near-dark bats were flying around her back yard.  The presumption… and a correct one… was that the bats were out feeding on bugs.  Along with the bat activity came a wish to encourage the insect-eating behavior by providing a bat house and attracting more bats.

An so, two questions were asked,

“Does anyone have any experience with bat houses in this area?”

“Any advice?”

The replies rolled in as neighbors offered help, suggestions, and links to resources. Nextdoor conversations can get lost as new threads are woven into the fabric of this social media experience. To help keep some details handy, I  wrote this post to capture the main ideas and links that were shared as answers to our neighbor’s questions.

Enthusiasm for bats is big… Some folks are interested in having a bat box building activity.  Other neighbors have information about bats they’d like to share:

  • local bat box business contacts,
  • scout bat box project locations already in place,
  • wildlife biologist knowledge

For security and privacy reasons, that information will remain within the Nextdoor platform. However, if you would like to share through this blog, please feel welcome to write your thoughts in the comments section in this post.

Links to the public bat sites that were shared are included below along with a few additional resources.

It’s tremendous to see this much enthusiasm about some of the wildlife residents who are also “next door” neighbors here along the Glencoe Swale watershed. I think the chances are good for a bat box building get together. Use your echolocation skills to stay tuned!

Bat Resources:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife   https://myodfw.com/wildlife-viewing/species/bats

Oregon Conservation Strategy   http://oregonconservationstrategy.com/search/bats/

Bat Conservation International   http://www.batcon.org/index.php

Bat Houses  http://www.batcon.org/resources/getting-involved/bat-houses

National Wildlife Federation  https://www.nwf.org/en/Garden-for-Wildlife/Cover/Build-a-Bat-House

Oregon Zoo- 5 Ways to Protect Bats  https://www.oregonzoo.org/news/2018/09/5-ways-help-protect-bats-pacific-northwest

Amazon Bat houses ready-made  https://www.amazon.com/Woodlink-Audubon-Shelter-Model-NABAT/dp/B000HHQBKO

Backyard Bird Shop Bat tips/ ready made houses https://backyardbirdshop.com/?s=bat+house

OSU Bats in the Garden  OSU_Bats in the Garden

4H Little Brown Bat Little Brown Bat

OSU Beneficial Bats Help Control Insects in the Garden  https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/beneficial-bats-help-control-insects-garden

KATU Video on building a bat box https://katu.com/features/family-matters/build-your-own-bat-box-04-22-2018

photo credit: Little brown bats. Photo by Ann Froschauer/USFWS

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