Along the Swale: Jan. 29, 2018 | Orange!


Glencoe Swale is a remarkable subwatershed of McKay Creek… which flows in the greater Tualatin River watershed. “Along the Swale” features photos and stories that highlight the natural history of Glencoe Swale. Find out what kinds of wildlife dwell in our suburban wetland/creek/forest ecosystems.

January 29, 2018

Cool weather, 48F  with light rain. fog along  Glencoe Swale.

Birds with orange feathers brightened the dreary, gray day.

Northern Flicker

Large, brown woodpecker with black barring on the back and black spots on the belly. Easily recognized in flight by its bright white rump. Also note large black crescent-shaped mark on breast. Underwings are yellow or red, depending on the subspecies. Generally “Yellow-shafted” is found in eastern and northern North America, and “Red-shafted” in the West south through Mexico. Often seen feeding on the ground in lawns, where they eat lots of ants and worms. Nests in cavities.

(Information cut from: Merlin Bird ID)

Varied Thrush

A beautiful, boldly-patterned thrush. Males are an exquisite combination of blue-gray, orange, and black. Note black breast band, orange eyebrow, and orange markings on the wings. Females show a similarly gorgeous, but duller pattern. Breeds in mature, wet forests in the Pacific Northwest; found in a broader range of wooded habitats with fruiting plants in winter.

(Information cut from: Merlin Bird ID)