Along the Swale: Nov. 27, 2017

Barred Owl

Just Another Nature Enthusiast

Noisy chatter, frantic flitting from branch to branch

Why did a small band of Scrub Jays display so much distress?

Because-  an unusual daytime visitor arrived at the edge of Glencoe Swale wetland. One, “who,” up until now, was known only by its night time calls(Click to hear)

Perched on a leafless willow limb, about 30 feet from our front porch, was the cause for all the commotion. There, illuminated by the warm light of the Golden Hour was a lone owl being harassed by the jays.

Without hesitation, my 150-600mm lens was mounted to my Nikon D7100. Then, as slowly and quietly as possible, I positioned myself in a non-threatening location. As the Golden Hour ticked away, so did my camera… 100 shots or more.

Daylight hours soon faded into sunset. The owl became more active, but, didn’t show signs of leaving… I took a chance. To…

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