Update: Glencoe Culvert Study and Filing for LOMR

The following is a summary of key points::
  1. Glencoe Swale Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis (aka Glencoe Swale Culvert Study)
  2. LOMR application
  3. Culvert project approval
  4. Public Meeting
Otak completed work on the Glencoe Swale Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis.” The area studied begins at Glencoe Swale headwaters near Genentech and concludes at its confluence with McKay Creek.
Glencoe Swale Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis ” provides information necessary for Otac (under contract with the City of Hillsboro) to apply for a LOMR (Letter of Map Revision). Otak is on schedule completing the application process. Filing with FEMA is expected to occur in January.
Hillsboro Public Works project manager, Scott Dreher, received approval for advancing culvert improvement redesign and construction at the Lenox/Lorrie site. The project is in City budget and starting design process now. More details will be shared at the Public Meeting.
The anticipated date for the Public Meeting will be in late January or February.
The Public Meeting date is still pending submission of LOMR paperwork by Otak to FEMA (January 2018) so that questions can be answered with supporting data and expected FIRM map revisions available.
Friends of Glencoe Swale (FrOGS) appreciates the work that the City of Hillsboro is providing on our behalf. Hillsboro Public Works Department, with Scott Dreher as the Culvert Study Project Manager and Hillsboro Planning Department, with Sarah Bruce as the City’s Floodplain Manager, listened when we described the large number of Glencoe Swale properties that were adversely affected by the 2016 FIRM map. Scott paid attention to concerns FrOGS shared about 2016 FIRM data. The City’s responses have been proactive: actions were taken to recheck data so a FIRM revision application is underway, and culvert corrections are planned for Lenox/Lorrie Street.
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