Glencoe Swale Culvert Study and Filing for LOMR

Updates of September 25, 2017

  • Glencoe Swale Culvert Study/ LOMR
  • Public Meeting
The scope and fee process is complete for Otak to proceed with:
As we suspected, the LOMR process is lengthy/ time-consuming, estimated to take 12 weeks.
  • Application is expected to go to Feds (FEMA) in January 2018
  • Study area for map revision- concentrated to area between Glencoe Road and Lenox/Lorie Street
Public meeting will be held after LOMR paperwork is submitted (January 2018) so that questions can be answered with supporting data and expected FIRM map revision available.

Expect key topics to include:

  • which properties fall out of the flood zone/ which are not changed (It is still anticipated that the BFE will drop 6 feet)
  • when property owners can expect insurance rate changes
  • processes involved with applying for LOMR
A draft report is expected soon; when it is available, an electronic copy will be accessible to FrOGS/ community through a link that will be posted on this website.

Food for thought…

This hopeful FEMA-related information is shared  as people in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Caribbean islands  remain  devastated by destruction and flooding caused by historic hurricanes. Now continues to be a time to think about people who were and remain in harm’s way. Let’s not forget to care about their safety and eventual recovery… donate as you can to help.