Update: City of Hillsboro Culvert Study for Glencoe Swale

Glencoe Swale Property Owners Receive Encouraging News…

The City of Hillsboro is in the process of finalizing the Culvert Study for Glencoe Swale. The report was delayed earlier this summer because the City extended its contract with, Otak, the consultant hired to study the culvert system and hydrology of the Glencoe Swale watershed between Connell Street and NE 15th Street. Additional information was needed to accurately assess the Glencoe Swale flood plain.

The findings appear to be favorable:

  • flood plain elevation- expected to be lowered 6 feet
  • two culvert projects identified-
    1. immediate future- Lenox/ Lorie culvert
    2. someday- culvert associated with railroad between Glencoe and Connell (This project is a tricky one. It will involve Feds, railroad, City, and about 3 million dollars)

Hillsboro Public Works Department Culvert Study project manager received permission from the City of Hillsboro Executive Committee to apply to FEMA for a revision to the current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). He is waiting for Otak to put together a fee and scope of services description that will:

  • provide guidance with the FIRM revision process
  • calculate costs related to organizing and holding a public meeting

The draft from Otak is expected by the end of September. After which, a public meeting will be scheduled for interested community members. Friends of Glencoe Swale will have the opportunity to meet with the Otak hydrologist and City Public Works representative to:

  • learn about Culvert Study findings
  • ask questions

This hopeful FEMA-related information is shared with you as thousands of people in Texas are being devastated by flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Perhaps now is also a time to think about people who are in harm’s way. Here is a link that connects to ways to help: