Glencoe Swale FIRM-Team update- May 23, 2017

Friends of Glencoe Swale met on May 23rd.

Team members reported findings that related to the objectives that were identified at the May 6th meeting:

Accuracy of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) specific to Glencoe Swale watershed:

The research findings of our amateur hydrologist team member were presented during an informative and thought provoking presentation. We are encouraged that it is reasonable to believe our FIRM sector is inaccurate. A number of calculations support further study.

This portion of our work is dynamic. Information about storm water management is underway.

Impacts to real estate value and other property-related issues:

Detailed figures were calculated by our real estate broker team member.  His statistics revealed sizable amounts of cash value is associated with the property values and property tax bases affected by the new FIRM. Homeowners impacted by change to AE- Special Flood Hazard Area- have reason to be concerned.

Outreach to all affected property owners:

Team members agree that it is imperative that all homeowners who are adversely affected by the new FIRM map be included in communication about these issues. We are concerned especially for those who may have mortgages paid off and are unaware how their homes may have future problems because of the flood zone designation change.

Our outreach team member is in need of a brochure that can be shared in a neighbor-to-neighbor canvassing project.

Understanding financial aspects of flood premium determination:

Unexpected financial strains are being experienced. A team member is in the ongoing process of researching and organizing appropriate FEMA/ NFIP resources on the Friends of Glencoe Swale Website in the upper menu tab- “FERM-RELATED RESOURCES.”

Next Steps:

Team members will continue working on tasks. Focus for June 7th meeting will be to share updates, and look at how we will organize the work we are doing.