Rain on the Swale

Above Average Rainfall

Ribbon placement on tree to record high water mark

Notable weather events did not stop with January snowfall. February precipitation overfilled rain gauges in Hillsboro 5.65 inches beyond normal. Expected monthly precipitation for Hillsboro is 4.41 inches… actual precipitation, in the form of rain, during February 2017 was 10.06 inches.

The Tualatin River and its tributary streams swelled with high water. Rising water levels were increasingly more noticeable beginning February 9th. Signs of flooding occurred watershed-wide.

High water flooding pasture (Padgett Road)

Flood Photo Galleries

The following photo galleries reveal how water behaved in the Glencoe Swale tributary of McKay Creek.

Glencoe Swale confluence with McKay Creek: 2/9/17 – 2/14/17

NE Glencoe Road/ NE Harewood Street:  2/9/17 – 2/10/17

 NE Shannon/ Glencoe High School :  2/9/17

Flood Water  Kayak Exploration

The wetland basin between NE Shannon Street land bridge and area north of Glencoe High School held water high enough to launch kayaks. The rise was estimated to total about two feet of water based on ribbons fastened to tree trunk at the time of highest water event on February 9, 2017.

 NE Shannon/ Glencoe High School:  2/10/17 – 2/14/17

Flood Water Recedes

Within 24 hours of a very high flood event, the water on Glencoe Swale subsided without inundation of any residence. The wetland functioned as a buffer until water could enter the McKay Creek/ Tualatin River watershed.

Of concern after this event: creation of too low a level of water caused by Public Works Department actions in November 2016. Rushing water scoured through the berm near Glencoe High School, and dramatically lowered pond water/ pond basin to point of mud bank and mud flat creation.   With spring breeding season nearing for birds, amphibians, insects, and reptiles… critical habitat as been adversely altered.

NE Lorie Drive: 2/9/17 – 2/10/17