Are You a Friend of Glencoe Swale?


A Friend of Glencoe Swale… is anyone living on or near the Swale who wants to:

  • be involved in making eco-friendly choices,
  • feel a sense of stewardship,
  • learn more about Glencoe Swale-related:
    • topics,
    • issues, or
    • concerns,
  • take action to improve wildlife habitat well-being.

Use this website to:

  • get ideas for conservation-related projects,
  • find ways to feel connected with neighborhood nature,
  • discover resources to assist identification of local wildlife plant and animal species,
  • locate connections and links to:
    • local agencies and programs that assist with planning/
    • implementing/
    • monitoring conservation actions at home and in the community,
  • explore how to build nature networking within the Glencoe Swale watershed.

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