Bring Back the Pollinators

It’s easy to Bring Back the Pollinators with these four simple steps:

noun project flowerFlowers provide the nectar and pollen resources that pollinators feed on. Growing the right flowers, shrubs, and trees with overlapping bloom times will support pollinators from spring through fall.

ground nesting sites iconA home for growing pollinators is essential. You can leave patches of bare ground and brush piles or install nesting blocks, and plant caterpillar host plants.

noun project spray bottlePesticides are harmful to pollinators, especially insecticides. Herbicides reduce food sources by removing flowers from the landscape.

noun project spray bottleLet your friends and neighbors know you’re providing habitat with a pollinator habitat sign.You can also sign the Pollinator Protection Pledge!

For region specific information, visit the Pollinator Conservation Resource Center!

Cut from website: Xerces Society

(If you collect conservation signs to match the causes you support, this one will not disappoint you… it’s a well-made, impressive sign. An important sign,  for an important call to action.)

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  1. I am definitely more aware of the plants and flowers I purchase for my garden area. My son and I are on the watch for flowers that both attract the pollinators and don’t need a ton of son. Open for suggestions!


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