What is the Adopt-a-Park Program?


Scott Crowell, Hillsboro Department of Parks & Recreation program manager, answered this question at a recent Friends of Glencoe Swale meeting.


127 Projects! 1,677 Volunteers! 6,323 Volunteer hours!

This all happened in our community in 2015… around signs just like this one.

adopt a park sign

Family, groups, businesses, and organizations provided stewardship for many of Hillsboro’s beautiful parks and green-spaces.

Scott is eager for folks to support our city’s parks, and to be recognized for the important contributions they make. He knows adoption of these important city-owned spaces is:

A great way to make an ongoing volunteer commitment,
Specific to a park, trail, or specialty site,
An opportunity to take a more active role in the maintenance of a site,
Assist in the beautification of our community and provide valuable support to the City’s park system.

From presentation slide: Hillsboro Parks & Recreation

He explained that adopting a park is a one year commitment in which groups are asked to complete 2-4 projects. A tool trailer filled with outdoor/garden tools is available for projects, along with staff member to help lead a project, if needed.


Our group is interested in Glencoe Swale green-space adoption possibilities. There are several Hillsboro-owned green-spaces within Glencoe Swale:

  • the Old Olsen Pond area near NE Shannon Street
  • Glencoe Creek Park on NE 15th Avenue
  • Emma Jones Nature Area near 15th Avenue

Scott said we are welcome to adopt any of these locations. An adoption sign will be made to celebrate Friends of Glencoe Swale participation… complete with our logo.

Related information…

SOLVE has a restoration project that is being “retired” in a year. There may be need for “guardians” at this restoration site to:

  • serve as liaisons with Glencoe High School and the community to monitor/manage invasive plants,
  • organize work groups, as needed, in the restored area to perform tasks that allow native plants to thrive.

More details will be provided after plans for the future of this site are worked out between SOLVE and Clean Water Services.


FrOGS and Park Adoption

After a thoughtful conversation about the Olsen Pond site, it was the favorite for adoption.

Points in favor include:

  • Adoption as a “natural area” or “nature preserve”
  • It is in need of invasive species removal
  • The site is easily accessed
  • Olsen Pond is in the proximity of Glencoe High School
    • opportunity to expand FrOGS participation with students, and younger community members living near-by,
    • possibility to merge with SOLVE guardianship project