Great Backyard Bird Count – Feb 14,2016




The most thrilling moment of the day took place when my little 18-month-old granddaughter was with me… a flock of 60 or so Canada Geese flew low and right over us. Her delight, amazement, and excitement were contagious! When I close my eyes, in my mind’s eye, I can see that wondrous look on her face…

These are the species I spotted today over the course of several observation times as noted in captions. Photos from my achieves illustrate the species that were spotted. I can concentrate on looking with more diligence when I set my camera aside. However, tomorrow is the last day of the GBBC, so weather permitting, my camera will go along.

Mallard Ducks: (10)    (1:50pm) (2) on pond; male and female (4:30-5:30) (8) flew overhead
American Robin_a
American Robin: (1) (4:30-5:30) perched in Oregon Ash
Black-capped Chickadees: (4) (11:30-11:45) perched, and feeding at bird feeders


Anna’s Hummingbird (2) (11:30-11:45) female at feeder; (4:30-5:30) male at feeder
Canada Geese (about 100 total) (4:30-5:30) (36-40) First flock flew in V-formation over east side of wetland. Second flock (60+) flew in V-formation from east to southwest. This is the flock my granddaughter experienced with me!
House Finches (11:30-11:45) at feeders. (1-male, 3-female)
Mourning Dove (11:30-11:45) (1) ground under feeders
Dark-eyed Junco (11:30-11:45) (1) at feeders
Spotted Towhee: (2 total) (11:30-11:45) 1- ground under feeders (4:30-5:30) 1- in brush at edge of riparian zone.
Song Sparrow: (3 total) (11:30-11:45) 2- ground near feeders; (4:30-5:30) 1- underbrush at riparian zone edge.
Black-capped Chickadee: (4) (11:30-11:45) at feeders
Red-winged Blackbird_a
Red-winged Blackbird: (7) (4:30-5:30) male, wetland trees and shrubs. A lot of territory staking; calls throughout the wetland.
Red-winged Blackbird: (2) (4:30-5:30) female, willow-row.
Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail: (2) (4:30-5:30) identified by call from low vegetation at edge of wetland. Two birds were calling back and forth across the wetland to each other.
American Robin (3) early morning, evening. By call only.
American Crow: (2) (4:30-5:30) in flight over wetland

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