Exciting News!



Plant expert, Rob Emanuel, from Clean Water Services will present information and answer questions about invasive and native plants!


Come to the February 4th, 2016 Friends of Glencoe Swale to meet him-

3:00 to 4:30 Hillsboro Public Library – Main Branch Community Room


Ed and I attended a workshop Rob led last spring. His enthusiasm and knowledge are impressive. We learned a lot from his class, and are looking forward to what he can share with our group. Please bring your questions, notebooks, and pencils!

The following is a story I wrote about the class we enjoyed. It is reblogged from my nature blog, Just Another Nature Enthusiast.

Just Another Nature Enthusiast

Have you ever thought of plants as bullies?

That idea never crossed my mind.

Until… I heard it suggested by our instructor, Rob Emanuel, at a Tualatin River Watershed Weed Watcher workshop.

The bullies he  referred to are invasive plants.

Why are they a problem?

Put simply… invasives threaten the ability of native ecosystems to thrive.

This collection of plants displayed at the workshop, along with some others,  are the potential future champions of our wooded and riparian areas.

If allowed to go unchecked, they have the ability to stomp out native plants, and bring robust ecosystems to their knees. 

Invasive species threaten the stability of native plant and animal communities. They get in the way of native plants that do a better job:

  • keeping soil in place and out of rivers,
  • soaking up excess nutrients from fertilizers,
  • providing shade to keep water temperatures cool for fish,
  • providing somewhere for native animals to live, and
  • providing…

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