Crescent Park Greenway


Much like a freeway system for pedestrians, the master plan envisions the Crescent Park Greenway, a trail system that will eventually be mostly off-street trails fully encircling the city and connecting neighborhoods and businesses. The trails would also connect to regional trails such as the planned Council Creek Trail west to Forest Grove and Banks.

A second part of the plan defines the future alignment route of the Rock Creek Trail between its current terminus at Northwest Wilkins Street, southwest to the future Orenco Woods Nature Park — and eventually five miles further south, crossing Tualatin Valley Highway to Rood Bridge Park.

All told, the plan proposes adding more than 70 miles of trails to the city’s existing 30 miles.

“It’s a big vision,” said Hillsboro Parks & Recreation project manager Mary Ordal.

Some of the trails, she said, “could take decades.”

Other portions — like the North Hillsboro Industrial area, already poised for development — could be completed as construction begins in the area, she said. “There are real opportunities there in planning for future development,” Ordal said.

The Crescent Park Greenway would start at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex and run along Waible Creek to McKay Creek, south to Dairy Creek through Jackson Bottom Wetlands, and eventually into the South Hillsboro area, which is also poised for residential and retail development.

Oregon Local News, Kathy Fuller

Click the icon below to access an informative brochure created by City of Hillsboro to inform the public about this ambitious plan:

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  1. Background note-
    Friends of Glencoe Swale learned about this vision at the January 11, 2016 meeting. The project was mentioned by a Senior Program Manager from Hillsboro Public during a discussion about the North Hillsboro Industrial Renewal Area in the context of concerns about impact on McKay Creek. Glencoe Swale flows into McKay Creek.


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