What can we do to? Visit here to see watershed-improving actions Friends of Glencoe Swale take to create healthier outside spaces in and around Glencoe Swale.

Examples of some of the actions you may see and read about here include:

  • identification and removal of invasive plants; replacing with native or eco-friendly ornamentals;
  • planting pollinator gardens;
  • controlling pests without harmful chemical application;
  • building habitat structures: bird-houses, mason bee hives, bat-houses;
  • installing rain gardens;
  • backyard nature-scaping;
  • participation in ecology-promoting actions, e.g. Bumblebee Watch, Weed-Watchers, Backyard Bird Count
  • what ideas would you like to initiate?

Here, a home-owner is removing invasive blackberries and grass and replanting with native shrubs donated by Clean Water Services.